A Jedi is not defined by the mistakes they made, but by how they met them.

The path of the Jedi is one of continuous self-improvement. Even when we do something well in the present, we should strive to become better at it in the future. And if we are lacking in any respect, when we become aware of an addressable lack, we should take time to reflect on how we can overcome this lack, and then put what we come up with into action.

Jedi, like all other human beings are fallible. We will make mistakes, some small, some huge. However, if we accept that mistakes are going to be made, we do not have to spend an inordinate amount of time in self-recrimination. There is no need for emotional penance in the Jedi Path. Addressing and repairing mistakes however is a vital part of the Jedi Path.

It is how we meet mistakes that define what kind of Jedi (and person!) we are.

It is when we persist in mistaken behavior that harm becomes magnified.  There is a story from African-American folklore that illustrates this concept. Uncle Remus tells us a a story where Br'er Fox creates a contraption out of tar and turpentine that looks like a person. When Br'er rabbit mistook Br'er Fox's contraption for a person, Br'er Rabbit greeted the simulation, this was his fist mistake. Not getting a response from the contraption, he tried other greetings and yelling (repeating his first mistake). Enraged he starts to attack Br'er Fox's creation (another mistake), and each blow entraps him further (repeating the same mistake again). Soon due to his actions, he is inextricably trapped, and captured by Br'er Fox.

How many times have we found ourselves in a “sticky situation” due to not recognizing we are making a mistake, and persisting in continuing our wrong actions? Recognizing we have made or are making a mistake is the first step to correcting it (knowledge). We than must do the work involved so as not to repeat the mistake (self-discipline). We must be willing to have the kind of character to acknowledge mistakes, learn from them, and to be better in the future (the Force). Once again, the Pillars of Jedi Strength are the tools we use to live as Jedi.  

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