There are three Pillars of Jedi Strength.  They are The Force, Knowledge, and Self-Discipline. For a Jedi to be successful they must have all three pillars in balance. Just as it takes three legs to make a tripod or to make a table stand, so must  Jedi training be founded on the three pillars.

The Force is the inculcation of the attitudes of a Jedi, and the benefits that having such attitudes bring.  A Jedi is in balance. A Jedi is selfless. A Jedi is calm and at peace.  When you allow these attitudes to prevail, you will find yourself creating right action in all you do. When we are guided by the Force, and not by our own ego we tap into a power of human potential that is not otherwise available to us.

Knowledge is the center pillar, and it should be the center of a Jedi’s life. Only through knowledge can we combat ignorance.  The life of a Jedi should be one of constant learning, constant self-improvement. Through diligent study, a Jedi will broaden their horizons and be able to embrace new facts and ideas.

Self-Discipline is a necessary ingredient to walk the Jedi Path. Jedi do not seek to control others, but instead seek to master themselves.  Without self-discipline a Jedi cannot get far in their training. Part of self-discipline is personal responsibility. Ultimately you are responsible for your own fate, determined by the decisions you have made in the circumstances you find yourself in. A Jedi does not blame others for shortcomings and failures, and uses such setbacks as a learning experience.  A self-disciplined Jedi will be industrious, and in control of their emotions.  Having no unnecessary attachments they can act forthrightly and without fear.

Jedi, heed well the Pillars of Jedi Strength. They will support you in your training and in your career. 

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