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Participants in all our spaces including our Discord server are governed by our Statement of Hospitality and Safety.



 The Jedi Path Academy Discord uses several channels this is the use for each of them:




#the-jedi-steps:   For orientation and onboarding information for joining our Academy.  Rules and expectations and server information go here. The name is descriptive of the first steps of approaching a Jedi Temple for training.


#the-temple:  This is the general discussion channel.  Anything related to training, to community support, to the discussion of the lessons  If it does not belong in other channels it goes here.  The name is after the main place that Jedi would congregate and train when not out on missions.


#holocron-chamber: This channel is to discuss media we are collectively studying together.  The Jedi Path Academy from time to time will have a piece of media we will focus on in this channel for some time.   The format of these discussions is variable. For some, we will be using scheduled sessions with discussion questions and other times it will be ad-hoc. Asynchronous participation is welcome.  Feel free to reply or post to old comments no matter how old.  The name of this channel comes from the place in the Jedi Archives where the Holocrons were kept and Jedi went for history, knowledge, and information.


#droid-speak: This is the Channel to interact with our helpful droids (bots)




#learners-courtyard: This is the channel to apply to the Jedi Path Learner's Program.   


To join the Jedi Path Learners program, introduce yourself in this channel, state a little bit about yourself, your experience with the Jedi Path Lifestyle, and why you wish to join the Learner’s program.


Please state if you are over 18 years of age (no specific age is required) and if not contact @ZenMondo for further instructions.


The name comes from a place in the Jedi Temple where Jedi would gather before entering the Training Grounds proper.


#learners-announcment: This is the announcement channel for the Jedi Path Learner’s program. Restricted to members of the Learner’s program. Video class times and exclusive online materials for the Learner’s program are posted to this channel.  The name for this one is not very whimsical I fear and is utilitarian.


#learners-classroom:  This is the discussion channel for the Jedi Path Learner’s Program.  Anything related to the Learner’s Program is on-topic here as well as for discussion that you wish to only have among the Jedi Path Learners.  Restricted to Members of the Jedi Path Academy Learner’s Program




#text-stream:  This is for the use of text communication while the voice channel is being used, such as if someone is listening without a mic, or the posting of links etc for things mentioned in voice.,


General:   The voice channel for if we ever want to use voice instead of text.  One of the uses of this channel was to do a guided meditation over voice, but as more uses present itself if we need voice this channel is here for that purpose.




#council-chamber:  this is a channel for the Windmill Tilter and Server Squire roles to discuss leadership and community issues regarding the server. Restricted to the Windmill Tilter and Server Squire Roles.