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Your First Step Into A Larger World is a "Jedi 101" that will allow you to begin your journey towards being a real-life Jedi. It lays the foundation for the applied philosophy of the Jedi path in an approachable manner. You can go from "Zero to Jedi" in 10 easy-to-read chapters. 


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What People Are Saying:

From Brandon H.:

While I haven’t exhaustively read books about the real life Jedi path, I have read quite a few.

This, like many of them, is a book for people curious about, or just starting out on the path. That said, however, this is probably the best “meat and potatoes” book for starting out on the path that I’ve read.

Christopher Bird does an excellent job of breaking the ideas of the path down three simple and clear ideas (referred to as pillars) and building every new concept on top of them in a way that the book feels cumulative rather than simply covering parts of a whole.

I especially appreciate that Bird keeps the more “fluffy” ideas to a minimum, explaining that, though the concept of “the Force” is intrinsic to the path, there is a very grounded view of the Force that works just as well in bringing people along the path.

I also appreciate that Bird notes multiple times that the films are inspiration but not gospel, and that if an idea presented in the films is either unhealthy or unworkable in the real world, that there are very sensible ways to keep the “spirit” of those concepts while living in the real world.

If you’re curious about the Jedi path, I would strongly recommend checking this book at first, before moving on to some of the other good books out there, as this really does provide a fantastic “first steps” approach for beginners.

If you’re not new to the path, the book is a great way to sort of reconnect with the foundations of the path. Often times we get so caught up on trying to apply things that we can lose touch with the foundations, and this book is a solid reminder of those basics we can begin to overlook.