Deep in the mists of time, before there were Jedi, before there were Sith, there were those that touched the Force and knew it. They named the aspect of light Ashla, and they named the aspect of darkness Bogan. Some held to the light, and some dwelt in the shadows.

The Leader of the Whills visited the community and called them all together, those that followed the Ashla, and those that followed the Bogan. He brought them to a pool of cool water and said, "within this water is the knowledge of surviving after death. If you drink of this, your consciousness will exist in the Force as a luminous being after you shed your bodies. However this water can only be drunk from your hands, and you cannot bend your elbows. If you do not do this, you will not gain the knowledge of life after death."

Those who followed the Bogan began to grumble and complain. "It can't be done," they said, "its a trick! There is no knowledge to be had, its impossible." and they left, leaving only the followers of the Ashla.

One of the followers of Ashla went to the pool, arms outstretched and cupped the water in her hands, she turned to the one beside her and said, "take, drink." The other followers of Ashla followed her example of offering drinks to others and not worrying about drinking themselves. In this way all of them were able to drink.


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