New Year’s Statement for 2020 from Jedi Path:


As the decade comes to a close, I am reflecting on the work that awaits us in this new decade as Jedi. It is my hope that every Jedi reading this will commit to their training, making themselves better Jedi so that we collectively can make the world better, each of us being a positive force within our spheres of influence.

It is my hope that in the new decade that we will continue to work for peace and justice, by opposing those that bring division and oppression. While it seems like a contradiction, we much fight for peace and we must fight for justice, for those that oppose peace and justice surely will not be convinced or overcome without battle. As Jedi, we fight so that someday those coming behind us will not have to fight these battles. But I imagine that there will always be a struggle, but we must not allow old injustices to arise as we seek equanimity for all sentient beings.

For Jedi, it is paramount that we do not become unwitting pawns for oppression by not recognizing and unlearning our own oppressive behaviors or by sitting on the sidelines.  Both of these things will help oppression grow further.  Many of us with privilege may actually benefit from systematic oppression, so it is up to us to recognize this hard truth and fight against a system that benefits us over others that do not benefit as we do.  As Jedi making a better world is part of our mandate and it will not happen if we stay out of the fight.

It is my hope that this new decade will be a decade of action, to each Jedi doing the best they are able and with the support of their community do even better yet.  If a single Jedi can improve the lives of those in their sphere of influence, imagine the impact we could have if Jedi worked in concert together to seek a more just world, where human dignity and rights are guaranteed for all.  It is a dream but one worth working towards, especially in the world, we find ourselves in the last day of an old decade, where justice seems elusive and human rights are attacked by those who have accumulated wealth and power.

If we want to call ourselves Jedi in the new decade it is time to start living up to the responsibilities that the label comes with. Train diligently.  Protect those that need protecting. Defend those that need defending. Be a beacon of light in an increasingly darkening world. Be someone that instills hope in those around them. We can do this, Jedi. Let’s meet the new decade with purpose and determination.

The Force is our ally, and it is my hope that it will be with every single one of you this new year.

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