The Best Possible World

The Best Possible World


The optimist proclaims that we live in the best of all possible worlds; and the pessimist fears this is true.” - James Branch Cabell

It is a Jedi maxim often opined by Opie Macleod that the path of the Jedi is one of world-betterment through self-betterment. World-betterment through self-betterment is an evolutionary process and may seem at times to take time scales we associate with geology. But it is always working with the handful of dedicated Jedi learners, the small portion of leading Jedi Knights and the possibly absent wise Jedi Masters all improving themselves and in turn, improves the world. Now, most evolutionary processes have no destination. Such is not the case with The Best Possible World. We are given a paradigm, a destination to work towards. But the goal seems so far-fetched that many of are content with a daily meditative practice a daily physical routine, and perhaps borrow from the Boy Scout Handbook and do a good term daily out in the world., These are small, incremental steps that over time will result in large differences as time goes on. But this is mostly indirect on a scale that is apparent until a year or several years has past and it is not directed, Things will be getting better but we want to talk about success for the best possible world, we will take an evolutionary approach that is directed and guided,


We need a plan, at least in broad strokes what the best possible world looks like in the most general terms and work towards that.


  1. We want a world where we are all physically well We are fit to the best of our abilities, with the things of life to keep us happy and healthy. Well clothed. Access to comfortable shelter, plenty of water and good food. Food for health, and food and drink for pleasure in moderation.

  2. We want a world where we are all emotionally well. A society built on the understanding of emotional responses where they can be focused in productive ways. Where one can feel hurt, without the need to hurt others. Where each individual is responsible for their own emotions, and are happy to support the emotions of those around them.

  3. We want a world where we are intellectually well. Our world right now is awash in ignorance, where those in power label true knowledge as fake, and insist that their falsehoods are the lies to be believed. We live in a world where an ignorant opinion holds the same level as fact even in kindest discourses. We strip context from our slings and arrows only to act surprised and defensive when a barb hits its intended target. Rather the thrower of the barb apologizes the victim is blamed for being hit. In the Best Possible World, bullshit would be disregarded recognized quickly and easily as and disposed of.

  4. We want a world with social wellness. Where everyone struggles to meet people exactly where they are, and like them just as they are. An acceptance of their own rich, unique identity. Being able to work and play in harmony with respect and joy, the telling of jokes and by making other work easier by helping, find that your own burdens have been halved by people helping you.

  5. We want to live in a world that is spiritually aware When needed, a deep breath to get you centered through out the day, as well as other meditative practices as appropriate during the day.

As Jedi, we have to let go of our attachment to how the world is and move this planet to the best it can be, one step at a time. We do this first in our own spaces. Our homes, our jobs, where we shop, eat, and play. Especially in our Jedi Spaces such as an online forum. We are all in this together. A rising tide lifts all ships, while a crashing storm sinks them all. This is our choice. We work for this best possible world, or we chose to believe we are already there.