The Jedi Religion


Title: The Jedi Religion 

Author: Kevin Trout


This book by Kevin Trout both explains what the Jedi "religion" is and what it is not, including the question of whether the Jedi Path is one or not (at the risk of being able to write a spoiler for a piece of nonfiction, his answer is, that his answer does not matter).

I often say that validation of the way one does things or thinks, sure does feel good, but one's own evaluation of self-worth should in no way be dependent on external validation.   Ironically, I found validation of this view, and many other of the things I have written about here at Jedi Path, and have practiced in my life within the pages of this book. 

The author believes as I do, that the Jedi Path should be centered around benefit and utility, though he phrases it as, 

"...if the Jedi are viewed and recognized as an official religion it will validate their path in life. That is a sad outlook in my opinion. No Jedi, heck no person should require the approval of others. Whether the world accepts the Jedi as a religion or not should never stop you or anyone from believing in what you want to believe in. It should never stop you from living a lifestyle you find productive and useful in your own life. Validation of the Jedi Path is proven within itself. It is found within the experience, tested and proven with time."

Trout, Kevin (2013-08-19). The Jedi Religion (The Jedi Academy Online Presents:) (Kindle Locations 510-514).  . Kindle Edition. 


I can give no higher recommendation for this book.

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