Sword Fighting in the Star Wars Universe

Title: Sword Fighting in the Star Wars Universe

Author: Nick Jamilla


Sword Fighting in the Star Wars Universe, written by fencer, kendoka, and aikidoka, Nick Jamilla offers a critique of the martial aspects of the Jedi Knight as portrayed in the six Star Wars films in the context of the fictional world created by George Lucas, and contrasted with real-world corollaries of historical swordsmen.  Not only does Jamilla focus on the techniques of the sword, but also on the philosophy of the use of a sword or lightsaber.

There is a lot to this book. Jamilla goes into the history of warfare of antiquity and ventures far from the topic of Star Wars.  He also goes into critiques of the Star Wars films that venture away from the topic of sword fighting.  But this just goes to show the deep interest the author has in both fields; the passages where he is on topic of both Star Wars and Sword Fighting make the book worth every penny of the purchase price. I did notice several errors of facts as they relate to the Star Wars films such as misattributing lines to the wrong character or placing characters or scenes in the wrong Episode, but these are forgivable as it is likely to only be noticed by fans as pedantic as I am, and know the intent of the passage and does not detract from the lessons actually being taught. 

I can't help but feel a bit of kinship with the author with our similar backgrounds as martial artists. Many of his observations about the practice of martial arts coincide with my own that I have obtained both in my training and my career as an instructor. One that stands out that I have been trying to articulate recently is in Jamilla's words, "The martial artist eventually learns that the best technique is one that is instinctive and in harmony with the mind and body rather than cognitive and therefore slower."  This book will not make you a swordsman, it is not instructional in nature, but it will help you get in the mindset of the mythical Jedi Knight.




 4 out of 5 Starbirds