Stunt Lightsaber Combat For Beginners


Stunt Lightsaber Combat for Beginners is a great introductory text to sword work with an emphasis on using "LED Sabers" -- the stunt sabers sold by places such as UltraSabers or SaberForge.  I was happily surprised to find the techniques in this book martially sound, and not at all flashy which was my perception of choreographed stunt combat.  Carey Martell based the work on a 14th Century manuscript, and I really appreciated this grounding in historical combat techniques.

The instruction is clear, and easy to follow, with helpful illustrations.  Following this book, you will develop a repertoire  of footwork, cuts, guards, parries, and thrusts.  There are exercises which allow you the beginnings of choreography, but the techniques are also useful for sparring. 

The author is clear that what is taught in the book is not to teach "real sword fighting" saying, 

Note that sparring with a stunt lightsaber is not a real sword-fight, but it is no less real than sparring in sport fencing, kendo, or any other kind of martial art sparring. Your goal should not be to reproduce a "real" lightsaber duel, because there is no such thing. Rather you should aim to gain a mastery of stunt lightsaber combat that is fun and worthwhile exercise.

The book is concise at about 70 pages, but is in no way lacking.  It would serve well for a beginner at sword work and give a solid foundation for growth.

If you are interested in learning sword combat, I recommend this book.


 5 out of 5 Starbirds

A copy of this book was provided for review purposes.