Jedi As Martial Artists


The path of the Jedi, to be complete should have a physical application. A physical expression of the Jedi philosophy. The Jedi was not a monastic pursuit, removing themselves from society to better themselves. Rather, the Jedi participated in their society to make society the better for it. The Jedi were warriors and mediators. Those that follow the Jedi path should be able to mediate disputes and misunderstandings, -- physically if need be. 

What Morihei Ueshiba, the creator of Aikido said about the role of the warrior, I think can apply to someone wanting to walk the path of a Jedi, “In real budo ["the Way of the Warrior"] there are no enemies. Real budo is the function of love. The Way of a Warrior is not to destroy and kill but to foster life, to continually create. Love is the divinity that can really protect us. Without love, nothing can flourish.

Aikido is the manifestation of Love.”

There is not a need for the creation of a Jedi Art, and trying to emulate the swordplay seen in the Star Wars films would be foolhardy and dangerous. Instead, there are already in existence arts and philosophies that can be applied to the Jedi philosophy. Any existing martial art, if applied with truth, justice, and compassion (which can be read as “universal love”) will find itself transformed into a vehicle of peace.