What is the Force?

The Force for the intents of the Jedi Path is not anything supernatural or mystical. Those walking the Jedi Path have no abilities that cannot be attained by hard work and training. There are no "Force Leaps" no telekinesis, and Jedi Mind Trick is nothing more than application of psychology. If there is indeed an energy field created by all living beings, it is so far undetectable, immeasurable, and inaccessible. So how do we train to be Jedi without the mysticism? 

For the intents and purposes of walking the Jedi Path, "The Force" is inculcating the positive mental attributes associated with the archetype of a Jedi Knight as portrayed in Star Wars media. These attitudes include, but are not limited to, selflessness, peacefulness, calmness, and balance. 

We are still left that when we "use the Force" its still something immaterial, but yet something that can be directly experienced by every individual.