Welcome to Jedi Path.org

Welcome to walking the Jedi Path. This is a site dedicated to real life applications of Jedi Philosophy as portrayed in Star Wars media. You will find no promises of any fantastic powers or abilities beyond those which can be obtained through hard work and training.  Please see our essays on how we can use the Force without resorting to mysticism.  We are just starting out and there may be many changes early on, but feel free to jump in the forums and start discussions.

In the menu to the left we have a few categories.  

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  • Essays are a collection of essays related to the philosophy of the Jedi Path. 
  • Training collects materials about the applications of the Jedi Path.
  • Jedi Path Forums is where you can participate with the members of this site.
  • NEW Chat. A web-based IRC client to connect to #jedipath on freenode. (Added May, 30, 2013)
  • Reviews will contain articles on media related to the Jedi Path. 
We will be expanding as time goes on so watch this space.

I look forward to interacting with you.  May the Force be with you!

Our Mission:

The current goal of the Jedi Path is to develop a training curriculum to raise apprentices to the rank of Jedi Knight focusing on applied philosophy and a martial practice.   Future goals include that when the curriculum is in place to begin a program where the curriculum is passed from one person to another in an apprenticeship system creating a common lineage of Jedi Practitioners. 


Join us in the forums to assist in this process.